Food & Drink

Forward Waste Management deliver complete waste management services to the Food and Drink manufacturing sector in a variety of ways, including: 

 Production waste recycling 

We arrange collection of non ABP food waste materials for conversion at independent specialist recycling plants into secondary feeds for agricultural use.

 Anaerobic digestion and bio-energy 

We provide a flexible range of services to ensure that all food wastes can be diverted from landfill and minimise waste transportation impact through out UK wide network relationship with licensed Anaerobic Digestion plants as the main method of conversion we use to turn food waste materials into renewable energy. 

We offer a wide range of recovery and containment options, from compaction systems and bulk containers through to wheelie bin collection services to suit each individual application.  

Packaging waste recovery and recycling
  • Cardboard and plastic film – either in loose, compacted or baled form
  • Metal drums and tins
  • Buckets, pails & kegs
  • IBC’s
Waste water management
  • Process analysis and inspection
  • Interceptor supply and maintenance
  • Fat and grease trap jetting & cleaning
  • Waste water collection and recycling
Secure destruction

We provide fully certified destruction and recycling of production scrap and out of date returns to ensure compliance and commercial sensitivity are protected.